PhenoCapture 2.4 (Build 693) released


Update on 7/1/2014

o Skeletonization and outline functions added to the Batch process

o Several bugs fixed such as errors in selection and analysis tools


Update on 6/24/2014

o Now selection region applied to Skeletonization and outline

o Remote webcam server/client speed improved


Update on 6/11/2014

o The following new features added or updated in PhenoCapture

   - Image zoom in and out (very cool now!)

   - Quick animation

   - Batch text writer

   - Erode (Dilate) outline

   - Black and white dithering

   - Selection tool algorithm optimized

   - Sticky forms

   - Skeletonization added

     (extract skeleton curve from black and white image)

   - Resizable forms

   - Unselect of selection region added

   - Accurate form resize maintaining a fixed aspect ratio

      in the camera live view and image preview

 o Lots of minor bugs fixed

 o The software has been optimized for Windows 8!