PhenoCapture provides free research software capable of image acquisition and image analysis.

Using automated image acquisition from an HD webcam allows you to capture and quantify phenotypic changes over a period of time.

Coupling the phenotypic changes to biochemical and molecular analysis provides a more complete picture of your research.

PhenoCapture image analysis also offers the ability to analyze SDS-PAGE/western blot, multi-well plate images and includes several unique features that other software might not have.

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12/16/2023: PhenoCapture 9.9 (Build 1027) released

10/6/2023: PhenoCapture 9.7 (Build 994) released

7/15/2023: PhenoCapture 9.1 (Build 969) released

5/28/2021: PhenoCapture 8.1 (Build 946) released

4/16/2021: PhenoCapture 8.0 (Build 934) released

2/6/2021: PhenoCapture 7.6 (Build 909) released

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