Image upload service for online live view



PhenoCapture is capable to automatically upload captured images to the FTP web server real-time.

For the web service, you must have your own FTP web server.


1. First of all, connect to a webcam



2. Open "Image upload service for online live view' window

   * Menu > Tool > Image upload service for online live view


    Set FTP address like or phenocapture.com (do not add 'ftp://' to the FTP address)

    User ID, Password, and Port number are required for authorized connection depending on your server

    When ready, click on the 'Start' button

    Now, PhenoCapture will upload the captured image to the FTP server with a given interval





Using a web browser, you can directly watch uploaded image using a web address of the image (see below)




Alternatively, PhenoCapture provides a very convenient way to allow users to view the image online

The software can create an HTML file where the image is shown and refreshed with a certain interval

Consequently, the image looks like an animated gif or movie


See sample HTML file

Note: we don't always upload a new image. So you may not see the image change



In order to create such HTML file,

Click the 'Create Image Viewer (HTML)' button in the window


Confirm web address and HTML file name.


PhenoCapture will then create ab HTML file and launch the default web browser to open the HTML file



Uploading the HTML file to your FTP server allows you to view the image online using any device anytime

You can also modify the HTML file


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