Multiple Array Analysis


The purpose of the Multiple Array Analysis is to extract pixel value in every selection area in periodic locations.

For example, PhenoCapture allows a user to calculate an average gray value in every well in a 24 well plate as shown below.


1. Load sample image such as multiple well or microarray.


2. Click on the 'Multiple array analysis' in the main menu, Analysis.


3. You will see a rectangle selection in the Workspace window. Locate the selection area to the proper location to cover the plate image. Set options such as 'Total number of horizontal cells', 'Total number of vertical cells', 'Cell diameter' and 'Average color value' in the 'Multiple array analysis' window.


4. Click on the 'Analyze' button. You will see a message box on the right.


5. Paste to any application. For example, open NotePad and then paste it. You will see the tabulate data.



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