See Screenshot of PhenoCapture



Nice and easy interface

   o Professional looks built on .Net framework
   o Drag-and-drop feature

   o Profession selection tool

   o Zoom in and out function

   o Unique design such as drag-drop image box

   o Built-in image viewer

   o Export data to clipboard

   o Undo-redo function






   o Automated image acquisition       Screenshot: Image
   o Camera connectivity using a USB webcam to capture images

   o Time lapse capture supported        See Sample time lapse movie

   o Full HD (high definition) image capture/video recording supported

      Screenshot: Image

   o Typical WIA, WDM and TWAIN devices supported      Screenshot: scanner, iPod touch

   o Connect to remote webcam to receive images real-time
   o View online webcam live view in web browser

     Screenshot: Image

   o Time lapse capture supported
   o Upload your images to web ftp server automatically for online broadcasting

     Screenshot: Image





Image processing

   o Flip, rotate, resize, and crop image
   o Image adjustment, color channel extraction
   o Filters such as grayscaling, erode, dilate, invert, colorize, gaussian filter, etc.
   o Binarization (Black and white image), multi-step leveling, edge detection

   o Canny edge detection, adaptive thresholding     Screenshot: Image

   o Skeletonization, outline, BW dithering

   o Region extraction       Screenshot: Image

   o Change color, overlay image     Screenshot: Image

   o Hough transform for circle detection     Screenshot: Image


Video processing

   o Extract frames from video file      Screenshot: Image

   o Convert multiple images into video /Gif file     Screenshot: Image

   o Produce animated gif file from multiple images   Screenshot: Image






   o Automated data extraction       Screenshot: Image
   o Profile, histogram analysis
       Screenshot: Image
   o Domain counter, area calculation
   o Pixel counter, average gray value
   o Multiple array analysis for microchip or multi-well plate
       Screenshot: Image
   o Length measurement 

   o Extract data points in a plot

   o Location of points recorder
   o Edge location measurement

   o Powerful batch processing & analysis allows the same procedure

      to be applied to multiple images



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