Batch processing and data extraction



This is an exemplary process.


1. Resize image       * Menu > Image > Resize



2. This is resized image.



3. Apply 'Black and White leveling'     * Menu > Processing > Black and White leveling



4. Count white pixels     * Menu > Analysis > Pixel counter





In order to conduct the batch processing and data extraction

Click on the 'Batch processing' on the menu       * Menu > Tool > Batch processing



1. Configure setting. The most important is to select 'Source'



2. Setup process. Select unit module and then click on 'Add' button.

   Now you can see the Process in the right side.

   * Sharp (#) mark means data extraction. The process can include only one command of data extraction.



3. Start batch processing. Click on 'Start' button



4. When batch processing is done, extracted data will be transferred to clipboard.

   So, you can paste data to other software such as Excel, SigmaPlot, Origin, and NotePad.







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