Setup remote webcam server and access the remote webcam


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PhenoCapture allows a user to connect to a remote webcam to view image real time when internet connection is available.

The software has two windows: one for a server side and the other for a client side.




1. First of all, connect a webcam.


2. Secondly, setup webcam server

    Open 'Remote webcam server' window        * Menu > Tool > Remote webcam server

    You can set Port number, User ID and Password (left arrow). The default setting will work well.

    Then, click on the 'Start' button to activate a server (right arrow).

    * If there is a conflict of port number, try other number such as 41, 42, 43,...



3. Thirdly, execute PhenoCapture on other computer and setup a client.

    Open 'Remote webcam client' window        * Menu > Tool > Remote webcam client

    Set IP address, Port number, User ID, and Password of a server computer (left arrow)

    * Unauthorized connection using incorrect User ID and Password will be rejected by the server.

    Click on the 'Connect' button (right arrow).

    You will see transferred image from a server as shown in 'Remote webcam viewer' window.



A user also can set 'Remote desktop screen' option (See arrow).

As shown in the below, full desktop screen will be transferred from a server.

This function is similar like the Windows's 'Remote desktop' program.



If you want to view a remote computer's webcam from external computers,

1. Set up 'public IP address' (which is also known as 'external IP address' like on a computer that has a webcam

If you use a router (like AT&T U verse modem) which gives you 'internal IP address' (like,

  set 'DMZ' or 'IP passthrough' enabled to obtain 'dynamic public IP address'

If you don't have 'static public IP address' but 'dynamic public IP address',

  we recommend to set up 'dynamic DNS'

2. Run webcam server of PhenoCapture on the computer that has the webcam

PhenoCapture will show 'public IP address' if it's available

3. Run webcam client of PhenoCapture in another computer (=client computer)

You can use IP address in the number format (like

  or string format (like 'mytest.duckdns.org')

'mytest.duckdns.org' can be obtained by setting up 'dynamic DNS' at www.duckdns.org


Screenshot of actual demonstration in the client computer



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